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Jaipan Shock Proof 200W Wood Finish Hand Blender

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  • Sales Package : PP Body with power knob, Pre-mould power cord, three stainless steel blades, wall mounting stand, blade changing tool with spoon
  • Button Type : Push Up Button with single Speed 
  • About: Shock Proof Housing. Modern metallic look. Stainless Steel Blades . Easy to operate. Energy saving.



Wooden finish

Blade Material

Stainless steel

power consumption

200 W 230 V AC 50Hz.




1 year

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  • Blending, whipping, mashing, mincing 1 whisk blade, 1 mincer blade, 1 beater blade Wall mounting holder
  • Easy to hold & Portable 2 speed setting Light weighted Simple to use Easy to clean and maintain
  • Power:200 Watt
  • Time rating (continuous running time at a go): 3 minutes
  • Speed:2/ 15,000 R.P.M.
  • ISO 9001 certified company

Product Benefits :

  • The Wooden Finish Design is Exclusive design with TV-shop; not available anywhere in the market.
  • Can be used with any suitable vessel anywhere in your kitchen. Even in the sauce pan in which the food is cooking.
  • Handy and Portable: You take the Jaipan Blender to the saucepan, not the heavy saucepan to the Jaipan Blender.
  • Jaipan blender lies comfortable in the hands, is easy to hold and feather-light.
  • Simple to use. No pouring from pan to mixing vessel. No food spoiled by unnecessary delays; just hold it in the dish and turn the switch on!
  • Easy to clean: Just hold it under the tap. No extra washing up, since you can normally mix in the same dishes in which the meal is served.
  • Elegant design. The modern design newly styled immediately attracts attention.
  • The Mincer Blade: The mincer blade chops, minces, mashes vegetables, baby food, etc.
  • The Beater Blade: The beater blade aerates, emulsifies and beats liquids, cream, mousses, cake batters etc. * The Whisk Blade: The whisk blade stirs, whisks, mixes all liquids, etc.
  • Jaipan blender- Mixes: Liquids and beverages, cocktails, milk shakes, fruit juice, yoghurts, iced drinks and many others. * Whips: Creams, Butter etc. Strains: Soups and sauces. * Blends: Creams, mixtures of powders, granules, liquids etc. * Stirs dough’s for cakes * Shreds & Purees: Vegetables, potatoes, soups, fruits and many more; cooked or raw to any desired consistency. * Light weight and portable
1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
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